rainy morning annoyances!


so, a rainy ride in to NYC and i’m standing in front of these two guys riding and chatting on the train into NY Penn Station. not even an effort to close the legs, move the bag and make room for the smallest of children in the seat the guy on the right is occupying. strange since i did not see him show the conductor 2 tickets…

i’m a big guy and OFTEN i squeeze myself into places most people do not believe i will fit (but i do) and make MYSELF uncomfortable to appease those i believe i’m inconveniencing. i squish down in movie theaters as to not even make the person behind me believe i am blocking their view, i don’t recline airline seats (even though the 5’6″ woman in front of me decides it is a great idea to lay horizontal and crush my knee caps) and i’m always aware that my stature could cause other people trouble in their day-to-day adventures…

i just wanted to take a picture, post this for the internet to see and release this silly load that has been annoying me all morning… thank you 🙂


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