another wake up call

another followup to the Nine Inch Nails release of Ghost on the internet for free, $5-300 (various versions) is the information that came from the motion picture association (MPAA).

box office receipts for 2007 (according to a report in USAToday) were the best EVER (at $9.54B)! this comes hot on the heals of the frequent comments by both the recording and movie industries continuing to assure the public that peer 2 peer movie/music sharing is seriously hurting the industries.

there are more venues to see movies (theatre, itunes, on demand, netflix/blockbuster, wallmart/target) and the ENTERTAINMENT industry gets something for every showing/purchase.

i heard on Buzz Out Loud (reporting on the Ars Technia article) the comments that people (specifically the entertainment industries) need to “wake up” figure out how to distribute via these methods as opposed to shutting them down. P2P appears to be HELPING!

Thoughts, comments?


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