Verizon FiOS

we had FiOS installed earlier in the week. we were a “quick install” which means it only took 4 hours vs. the normal 6-8 (gads). the tech was good, helpful and efficient.

phone porting went surprisingly well (did not think they would get that done on the day of the switch from comcast – but they did), tv and internet was a no-brainer…

i did a comcast speed test from my laptop that morning and got about 15mbs down and 1.5-2mbs up. with FiOS, the same tests were showing 17mbs down and about to 4.5mbs up. the cool part comes with the TV. i’m noticing improved picture on the same tv (of course too many channels) BUT ran into one little thing…

i need to update/upgrade my tivo to one with a cablecard. the “analog” channels for fios (2-49) are the local broadcast networks and some community channels, but none of the kids stuff… with the new tivo (HD model) we can have one multi-cablecard or 2 single cablecards and get access to all 300+ channels on the tivo (and get rid of a heat producing cablebox).

will let you know if/when we go through with this…


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