NIN releases their album for $5

Nine Inch Nails has released their new album, Ghosts I-IV for $5 (for all 36 songs). you can also get the first 9 songs for free via download (the site got slammed today so they are updating it) or via a torrent…

i just started listening to it and so far, not where near as “hard” as what i think of when i think of NIN. i believe what trent reznor is doing is amazing. he is grabbing onto technology, deepening the interest and investment of the fans and setting a price point where people can buy it, with their lunch money and not blink 2x and most of all – get his music out there…

why is this so hard to understand. it appears music is going the way of information, quantity = greater income vs. charging $15-20 for a plastic disc, which a number of people buy, but more people download load illegally from a torrent…

listen, let us know. hope you all find it interesting and enjoyable.

UPDATE: here is a update from ars technia about trent reznor and NIN’s new albums Ghost.

UPDATE 03-14-08: in one week, Trent Reznor announced he had made $1.6M from sales ranging from $5-300 for the various versions of Ghost! Wake up recording industry…


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