Apple continues to make it right

A co-worker of mine just bought a macbook on saturday only (thanks to me) to find out that apple updated the macbook this morning. same price, bigger drive, ram and a bit faster…

In my experience, Apple makes it right in 7-14 days from the date of purchase and that seems to be the case. They called the SoHo store (where they bought the Mac) and explained the situation. In their case, the manager offered to swap the machine for the current model with no restocking fee.

I cannot guarantee that this is common practice, but I’ll be willing to bet that if they hadn’t this couple would be buying something else next time round (can you say Dell).

BUT Apple did it right. They know they keep things under wrap until the last moment. Someone is sure to walk into the store and want a deal (opened, previous version macbook anyone).

If you bought a machine in the last few days – check with your retailer or Apple customer service and see what they can do for you (since you just did a $1000+ thing for them 🙂


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