The HD DVD and Blue Ray debate/war is over

In case you missed it: peace broke out in the format war, HD DVD is dead – Engadget: “”

For the last few months, many people have been waiting and some have been enticed by the allure of the “inexpensive” HD DVDs and BlueRay machines. As of this week, most major movie studios and companies have backed BlueRay (from Sony) meaning that the HD DVDs will slowly disappear over the coming 8-10 months through the end of the year.

Blockbuster, Netflix as well as Wallmart have stated that come 2009, they will only carry BlueRay.

Both HD DVD and BlueRay are the next generation of DVDs that we all know and love (same size), but with the new format and the new player (with all appropriate cables and tv) you will get high definition video playback from your DVDs (meaning better quality images, brighter and truer). Amazing quality.

I for one am really happy this has been decided so WHEN we’re ready to replace or add a DVD player to our home – blue ray will be a no-brainer.

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