Can anyone else say "duh"…

My wife shared this with my Swedish father and I saw it recently, but what has taken so long…

In Sweden (where it is COLD and Dark a lot), Swedes have decided to use the body heat of the travelers to head a nearby office building.

the body heat from more than 250,000 people who pass through Stockholm Central Station each day will be captured and used to warm up water in a series of pipes, which will be pumped into a new office building nearby.

Working in a building in NYC (about 4 blocks from Penn Station) where the temperature fluctuates by 5-10 degrees through the day (in the winter months usually between 70 and 80 degrees). How could this be put to use in more places? How could we use this renewable resource to provide cost and use reduction to other places (Madison Square Garden anyone)?

Thoughts, let us know…


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