Am I the only one…

I have been consulting for 5+ years now. I started the “business” as a side thing and a way to make a little extra money.

Part of what I wanted to do was help people fix their problems but also feel like they understood the problem better and could at least look at things if there was an issue- before calling with their hair on fire.

I added the tag line:
“obsolesce through education…”
to my website and blog, because I really believe it. I did not want to be the only person anyone that I had worked with could come to when they had a problem and held all their information and hopes in my mind and hands.

Every job I complete I send a nice report from Studiometry along with an invoice outlining the issue, resolution and suggestions. This way, I’m not around someone can come back and look at what I did and how to make it better or put it back together… Make sense, am I the only one…


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