SpeedDownload 5

With the MacHeist bundles I bought in the last few months – Speed Download was included. Version 4.1.x. I was a bit unsure if this was a good tool or just a gimmick.

I installed it and let it do it’s thing (which is, surprisingly enough, to speed downloads). At home where i have a reasonable cable modem connection, i never really could complain that downloads from the usual suspects were all that slow (adobe, apple, microsoft), but when i did hit that file that was 10mb and stated it would take 5 minutes, i would scratch my head.

At work – it is another story. The wireless is flaky and many times a 10+mb download would take way too long (and i always feel the quicker you can download a file the quicker you can allow someone else to download a file). SpeedDownload changed that!

I would click a link and off it would go (many times i would see 2-4 times the throughput since the system is designed to pull multiple streams verses opening one single connection).

I have been very happy with it and for those users that have slower network connections and download a lot of stuff daily – a worthwhile investment.

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