Mac OS 10.5.2 available

Last night Apple finally released 10.5.2 to the world. As someone with access to the Developer Connection – Apple has been working on this for the last couple of weeks feverishly. There have been 1-2 releases a week (I tried one a week or so ago and ran into some issues).

This final release is working well right now – BUT following the update some weird things did happen. GarageBand opened every time i restarted the mac (huh). i finally got into Accounts>Login Items and found for some reason it was in that location and removed it…

I also had the system reset to the point of running the startup animation… Anyone else see this?

I felt the system was not as snappy and a bit “heavy” following the update so i ran disk utility, cocktail, rebooted a number of times, turned off some “mobile” settings within accounts and now the machine is a bit more of what i expect…

Thoughts, concerns, experiences, let us know.


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