Tim's media blitz begins

I have been working at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC for about 8 months (but a member of the church for the last 8+ years) and with the release of “The Reason for God” by Tim Keller, the publisher (Penguin) has worked Tim, Redeemer and the book into media outlets nationwide. It is a very exciting time.

A few years ago Tim was discussed in the New York Times and this week, with the book being officially released Thursday (the 14th of February), Newsweek now has an article on Tim and his book.

I received a “staff” copy a few weeks ago and have been reading through it. It is wonderful and powerful. I can hear Tim Keller as I read…
As an attender of Redeemer and a Christian, I have heard Tim (or other Pastors) make these Gospel assurances time and again, so it is not new to me (but the book is a great reminder).

I think this book will be of great value (and is focused) to people who want to talk about God, talk about their faith and search deeper into their hearts for how God is and has worked in their lives. As I have read the book, friends, Christian or not come to mind that I believe would not only enjoy the book – they would finish it and have some questions to ask themselves…

Thoughts, opinions, I know this is way off the technical front, but it is a big part of my life.


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