Seriously considering FiOS

After being in our home in NJ for about 8 months and being satisfied with Comcast (not blown away mind you, but satisfied) – we are considering a move to Verizon’s FiOS network.

The first thing we checked was could we move from Comcast (TV/Internet/Phone) without penalty (the answer for us was yes). Could we move our phone number (yes again) and the big question for me will come when i speak with an installer – can i use TIVO easily with the new system (no confirmation yet – but seems to be yes).

I have heard a number of good things about FiOS (Speed, Reliability and basically Verizon is throwing a lot of money into this solution to get it out to people) and compete with the entrenched cable providers.

As this process moves forward I’ll review the process further and the service – but for now, just sharing the changes coming to my life.

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