Super Tuesday!


I was at the polling place just after opening here in maplewood (a 2 minute walk from our home) at 6:10a. They were still setting up, but i did my part.

This year is interesting for me. I have a number of very educated and informed friends (as well as my wife) who keep me in check about the political process (because at this point- my only real observation is that “this has been going on FOREVER”).

That being said, I did not vote for Bush (either time) and i’m getting more concerned about the war, economy and the future of my children in the USA that we currently live in…

I voted for a change (i’ll let you read into that however you would like) and hope that come 2009, the country will pull together and begin finding itself again (nationally as well as globally).

You do not need to agree- just push the button or pull the lever and make your voice heard…


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