clearwire returning?

when down in NC we (Guilford College) wanted to have a 2nd internet connection for testing and quick internet access without jumping on the common connection. clearwire fit the bill. their system worked on cellular technology, it was inexpensive and for testing and “low bandwidth” use it was a easy and quick setup.

over the last few months there has been talk of sprint and clearwire working together to build a wimax solution (a much bigger and broader wireless network than what most have in their home or office).

the thought is this solution would provide data access with wireless internet speeds almost anywhere! the partnership between sprint and clearwire (as written up in reuters) would be a big one and even bigger would keep clearwire afloat.

if you are in a remote location or would like to have internet and not be tied into the two main methods of accessing the internet (namely cable or FiOS/DSL), check out clearwire.


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