Apple TV Take 2

I have been interested in seeing the next iteration of the Apple TV (Take 2 as it’s known) BUT apple has announced that there will be a delay of 1-2 weeks on the software release (this was also documented in the Apple Hotnews).

I have been considering this as an option for our home but would like to see it before diving off and spending $230-350 on the newest system.

the software for new buyers or existing users will be free and “appear” automatically upon release. One thing MANY people have commented on is the inability to just grab over the air/cable programming to the device.

Elgato has eyetv3 for their product lineup which looks great and in the previous models that i have used – been very happy with. i’d like to not only push select files from my desktop, rent files from apple but also record something right to the device when so desired.

the system is “simple” and i believe the kids could use it to watch the programs of their choosing. the other reason i am looking at this is so i do not have to have a 2nd tivo in another part of the house. we shall see. thoughts?


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