incase cases…

over the years i have looked for easy, inexpensive and cool cases for laptops and now my iPhone.

i bought the iPhone incase leather folio. i really like it. it makes the iphone convenient, easy to access and clips to the belt nice. one BIG problem. i have pulled it out of the holster a couple of times and actually thrown it (the iPhone that is) on the floor. does not make me happy.

today while at the apple store in short hills nj, i picked up the incase iphone protective cover. i’m a bit irked that i now have paid $50 on cases (i’m trying to see if i can squeeze one into the other), but i do not believe i will throw it on the ground with the protective cover.

that being said – i do not know what the best solution for the iphone it is. quick access, convenient use, protection of a rather expensive device…

thoughts? let us know.


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