vista – why?

yesterday i spent some time getting a new sony vaio laptop out of a box and setting it up for initial use. this sony laptop looked great, had tons of great features and was a hopping machine (2GB RAM, 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo, Nvidia video) BUT out of the box, first boot to vista desktop – ~15 minutes.

understandable you say, work on getting the password in the machine, selecting all the bells and whistles (desktop etc.) and authorizing the machine with microsoft – fine.

second boot, 5 minutes to the desktop, more check off this and disable that. i started updating the system (norton popped up first so i started there – BUT i had to signup first – +2 minutes). download all the updates for norton about another 10 minutes.

update vista, another 15 minutes
update sony vaio with their software/hardware updates about 5 minutes

each reboot taking about 5 minutes from black screen to working desktop! why!

now to top it all off – there was SO much GARBAGE on this machine. AOL, Office Trial, SpiderMan 3 desktop and video?

without spending a lot of time customizing the machine, just updating the system and working to set it up with a wireless network and printer about 2 hours!

the last time i took a mac out of the box (even without imaging it), it was no more than 5 minutes and when i do a reboot of the mac, consistently no more than 2 minutes from black screen and chime to working desktop – is that so wrong?

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