so where do you put your timemachine backups…

timecapsule of course. a 1TB $500 wireless device (500GB for about 1/2) that connects to your network and you connect to timemachine (leopard’s backup application). backups run automatically and because of the great throughput of 802.11n, data should move quickly and seamlessly to the drive.

coming to an apple store in february.

UPDATE (1-20-08):
after some further reading (and watching the keynote) i found apple’s timecapsure is actually a full airport extreme (with 802.11n) as well as a “server-quality” hard drive 500GB to 1TB (or 1000GB). it is not “cheap” but when you factor in the basestation (which retails alone for a little less than $200) it is a much easier to stomach. now it is a bit higher on the list!

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