macbook air is REAL!

today apple has released the MacBook Air.

“the worlds thinnest notebook”

the laptop line fills out like this:
macbook air
macbook pro

less than 1″ think (about 0.76″) and tapered (so the small side is about 0.16″!)

available in 2 weeks (early february)
full sized, backlit keyboard
13.3″ screen
multi-touch trackpad (think iphone on the trackpad)
about 5 hours of battery life

1.8″ 80GB hard drive (or 64GB solid state drive – TACK ON $1k for this option)
core 2 duo processor running 1.6 or 1.8ghz and apple worked with intel to make the processor 60% smaller to fit into the MacBook Air!

802.11n, USB2, micro DVI and a headphone jack – no ethernet, no cd drive
a new bit of software called remote disk will allow the MacBook Air to see and “share” a CD drive in another machine for install, copy or access to data.

looks like an amazing, sweet option for the road warrior or those that do not want to have to tote even a “heavy” macbook around.

apple has also heard the voices speaking about their “environmental impact” and answered with the following:

And here are the details on the MacBook Air that eco-fanatics care about. It’s got an Aluminum case, and a mercury-free and arsenic-free glass display. The circuit boards are BFR free and PVC free. The packaging has 56% less volume than the regular MacBook. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!



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