iPhone (and iTouch) updates

the iPhone will have a version 1.1.3 available (or January ’08) today for download and install. the iTouch will also have a software update (available for $20 for any current users) that will enable email, maps and stocks and web clips.

the iPhone’s update will enable a partnership to triangulate a GPS position based on wifi and cell towers to get a semi-accurate position. cool!

it appears as if 1.1.3 update only will download to iTunes 7.6 (also available through software update today). the 160MB+ download does its magic and updates the phone easily.

so far i found google maps/location work very well in NYC (it dropped me in less than 1 block from where i am). i re-organized my home page and added a couple of webclips for digg and facebook.

i’m still looking for a cut and paste… anyone?


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