a bit off topic – british airways

so being someone who is about 6’4″ and not all that skinny, flying is a chore and uncomfortable proposition for me.

the “adventure” of flying always gets me to the airport and onto the plane. once i sit down and buckle in (generally next to someone about my size) for a 2-8 hour flight i cannot wait to get off and be where i need to be.

i cannot sleep (my head sits above the headrest) and i hate reclining (since first hand i know what it does to the person’s knees behind you) and like to try and make comfortable for them – why, i’m not sure.

british airways is going to rework a plane this year that will be mostly business and “premium economy” class for flights from NY to London or Paris. i’m excited but also believe the price of the ticket will be out of my reach…


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