great way to get some great apps

macheist is doing another bundle of 10 apps for $50. it starts with 7 applications and then as the number of sales grows, applications unlock.

Click here for purchase and a referral for me

1password is a program i recently got with another bundle and it ROCKS! alone it would cost $30.

cha-ching is another great little financial application that would cost $40 all by itself.

appzapper is a great little uninstaller for the mac that i love. $12 on it’s own.

for the web designer, cssedit is a awesome tool – again costing $30.

the last app that really tickles me is pixelmator (image editor). this would run $60 on it’s own.

buy the whole bundle for $50! as with many of these bundles, the numbers grow as people get more excited for the “big ticket” items. like i said, if you have an interest in any one of these tools, ordering the bundle is a VERY worth while investment.


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