Dell’s All-In-One threatens iMac

For the first time that I recall, a statement has been made that a Dell (or any other all-in-one) could threaten the iMac’s features and form. Walt Mossberg has a review in the Wall Street Journal about the Dell and Gateway in comparison with the iMac.

The Dell XPS One has a lot of really great features. Quick access to music controls (with a “magic” touch screen), quicker access to headphones (on the side vs. back of the iMac) and a bit more “standard” items (tv tuner, more RAM – 2gb vs. 1gb, and a larger drive – 250gb).

All that said, the iMac continues to beat out the Dell because if iLife and Leopard (vs. Vista and no real video, photo and music suite). I found this the cornerstone of a lot of what people say about the Mac vs. Windows argument (more expensive – BUT look deeper).

Third, defying popular perception, the iMac costs less than the XPS One. The base, 20-inch iMac costs $1,199 — about $300 less. And even if you double the memory, and add a wireless keyboard and mouse to match the Dell, it’s still $1,399 — $100 less than the base XPS One (though Dell is currently running a sale that wipes out the $100 gap). Even the cheapest iMac has a dedicated video card with its own memory, something the base XPS One lacks.

If Dell takes some of Walt’s suggestions, the iMac may need some help…


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