tomtom gps

for years i have looked longingly at gps solutions for cars (built-in and stand alone). i have always gravitated to the tomtom gps units for their design, size, cost and upgradability.

for a house-warming gift we got a tomtom one 3rd edition. it is awesome!

simple, easy to work with and use and very accurate. it does take some getting used to and the tech guy in me wants to use it ALL the time – but when i have needed (a dark and rainy night to a restaurant i had never been to), i could keep my eyes on the road and not a print out from google…

tomtom now has a client for the mac and pc that allows you to connect the tomtom to the computer for backups, updates and upgrades. maps get updates, software gets updated and plug in the tomtom once a month, and the software goes to work telling you to backup and update the device… really nice.

looking for an inexpensive auto gps (about $150) for the holidays – run out and get one now. they are going to be gone before you know it!


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