a backup reminder

a few months ago i started using mozy as an online backup service. i kind of forgot about it. it would backup key data files (my consulting backup and address book). as of this morning i had some issues with my iPhone.

not too bad, but i think something i “fixed” may have hosed iTunes and kept it from properly connecting to the iPhone (and syncing). So i took a deep breath, backed up my iTunes and pictures and did a clean leopard install.

All went smoothly UNTIL i realized i did not backup the client software! gads – what to do… i completed installing the software on the system and started thinking about mozy. i installed the software on the MacBook and tried to do a restore (it ran last night). i could not get it to work…

I went to the website and walked through the options of finding files online and recovering online… AWESOME! this is a free tool and i was able to select files and tell the system i wanted to restore the backup files and my address book.

The system worked behind the scenes (giving some very good updates) and about 15 minutes later an email arrived that stated the restore was ready for download.

I downloaded and replaced the files on my system – all is well.

moral of the story. find something, something easy, set it up and let it do its thing. you’ll be glad you did!


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