iPhone with 3G

coming next year, Apple and ATT will release an iPhone that will work on the 3G network (meaning much better and faster data networks).

the EDGE network is ALMOST unbearable (except when sending/receiving email) and if it was not for the wifi integration the iPhone would be a flop…

with the new version (sometime next year), this should complete the circle making it a valuable and useful tool on and off a wifi network. what i would love to hear Apple do is offer an upgrade from the EDGE phones (if this could be done in firmware – more power to ‘um) to 3G. Bring on new technology without further messing with the “early adopters”.

UPDATE: according to some – the 3G phone may be summer to fall 2008 (which is making me feel better that spring/summer). let us know what you think about 3G…


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