connecting with facebook

after looking at facebook, playing, looking again and realizing that the only way any of these social systems work is to be (gaps) social, i started using it a bit more actively.

it does not hurt that facebook has a nice iPhone and blackberry app and i can update info quickly and easily, but i find that aside from being a mindless way to pass some time, it is really cool to take a look into friend’s lives (e.g. a friend posted his laptop died, or someone else stated they were not feeling well).

when i see or speak with these people next – i’ll try and remember to ask them how they are doing… i like that! i also found that people are finding me… i got an invite from a college friend this morning. someone i knew through college and i had thought about recently, but could not find a good way to reconnect – problem solved.

take a look at it. facebook is one of those sites that has had it’s ups and downs, but all in all, stood the test of time.


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