iphone – i could not help myself…

so after much deliberation (i cannot believe i held off this long), i got an iPhone. i’m getting used to it and after actually using it for a day – there are some things i love and some things i hope apple improves with software updates/the iphone SDK in 2008.

the keyboard and the “smarts” it contains really works well – and i read that david pogue from the NYTimes said – you have to trust it, which is true… i have been working with it and if you are doing names or proper info, it does take a while, but typing a normal sentence, the system (usually with a couple of letters to go in a word) give you a proper suggestion.

the iPod is really nice, the calendar is nice, email is GREAT and the web (via WiFi) is awesome. ATT wireless network is slow… i would like to see the ability to log tasks and notes on the iPhone and sync it with something on the Mac.

anyone else have a thought?


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