every time i see an iPhone, i start to drool. it is uncontrollable (and also unreasonable), but the draw has grown almost uncontrollable. as i watch apple release their software updates and continue to hear buzz that sometime in the spring there MAY be a 2nd generation, i keep feeling as if i cannot wait that long.

i keep saying the blackberry does so much for me (which it does), but what i really want to do, i cannot do “easily”. the web is manageable but not pretty, email is really good, but very vanilla – i’m a mac guy and i want more!

my verizon phone (a razr) is almost never used any more and i have been using a grandcentral which makes it even easier for me to drop the phone i am using. i would like to get back to 1 phone (since i have the BB and the Razr) – but it may not happen too soon…

thoughts, experiences, let us know.


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