fedora core 8

For those of you on the bleeding edge, red hat released their version 8 of their open source, free operating system, fedora.

i downloaded the full dvd install and the live cd to do some playing today. i loaded the full version on parallels on the mac and it seems to be running well (i think part of the reason i have issues with it is i do not know a ton so parallel tools etc. are not running to their full potential)

i am also running the live cd on a new dell d630 – aside from the boot taking about 5+ minutes, the system seems to be a real nice looking and feeling version of fedora.

in contrast, ubuntu got a lot of press for their latest 7.10 version and many people are saying these two os’ are the wave of the future. i like the way they look and feel, they run smoothly and efficiently – BUT they are getting so “pretty” that a lot of the appeal of taking that older Pentium 3 or 4 and running a copy of linux on it to get a couple more years out of those old machines is getting harder and harder.

thoughts, experiences, opinions – let us know.


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