quiet gmail update

after hearing that google would be updating gmail to try and keep inline (not just with storage but features) of yahoo and aol, i noticed a few differences when i logged into the web access of gmail.

so far the contact area is the only visible change i have seen (and a link to switch back to “older version”). i checked through the settings and do not see anything else…

anyone else loving their new gmail (aside from the fact i’m close to 5gb of email storage)? let us know if your interface has changed and you see anything else fun.

UPDATE: one other thing i have noticed. the system seems smooth and quick! not a bad plus to version 2.0 of gmail…

UPDATE 2: it appears that google is rolling this out – but it is not happening all at one time. you may have these changes, you may not. i would expect if you do not see the changes to your gmail account – you will within the next week.

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