Leopard (part one)

I have been working with Leopard for about one day. I have found that some of the Roxio apps are not running properly (popcorn 3 starts then drops). Toast seems to be working ok…

A lot of the shareware apps are working very well. Developers have been working very hard over the last week to bring their software to meet the 10.5 specs. Anything that is not working properly I would expect to see updates before November 1…

The Dock is nice (I stuck it on the left where I had it before). Cover flow with the system is working well along with the Quick View feature (I really like that!).

Safari is working well with 10.5.
Front row on is working well
iChat is working well (have not had a chat yet) but would like to play with that a bit more (and the help system)
Office is working just fine
I’m still working on getting used to spaces and if that will be part of the daily workflow.

Experiences, feelings, opportunities – share!


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