Blackberry 8800 with Leopard

I did an update to my MacBook today to Leopard. I have been working to get the data and settings back to the system and have been having very good success (I did a erase and install).

One thing i ran into was trying to get my BlackBerry 8800 bluetooth tethered to the MacBook.

I removed the pairing from the BlackBerry and then re-paired it.
Internet connect is now taken care of through the network system preferences
Build the configuration using the same settings (for verizon)
Phone number “#777”
Account name “”
Password “vzw”

Setup bluetooth device…

You should see the phone in the system and then “Configure this device…”
Check off Access Internet with the phone’s data connection
Phone “other”
Phone Model “Verizon Support (PC 5220)
Fill in the above info again

Connect (from System Preferences)
The system should go through the usual gyrations and connect! Nice…

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