preparing for leopard

I have been thinking a lot about leopard and what i will do when i have that DVD in my hand… i have been using Mozy for some basic backups as well as just moving a lot of my data to online resources – SO I will be doing a clean install of Leopard as soon as I can.

What does that mean – personally I like to start a new system from the ground up so I will reformat and reinstall the system. I will then reinstall my applications (office, iLife, shareware, and other tools/widgets) first to not have anything laying around that I have not touched in a while and second to get the latest and greatest.

Many companies will be reading or releasing updated software in the next week or so to confirm things work well with leopard and some will release new software to take advantage of some new fun things leopard will bring – just hang on and enjoy the ride 🙂

One thing i will remind you all – since in the heat of the DVD in my hands i may forget, de-authorize your iTunes and any applications that may have required a internet authorization – believe me, it will save you time in the coming week or so).

Things I forgot, let us know…


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