more updates to the iPhone (coming soon)

so there have been a few reports about a 1.1.2 update coming to the iPhone. many are wondering (as i am) what apple is going to do with the iphone in the coming months, how will they improve upon it and will apple ever provide the tools to developers to build iphone apps.

i’m speaking personally here, but i have a feeling that in conjunction with the final release of leopard (10.5) towards the end of the month, there will be something that will allow developers to do just this. apple NEEDS to open this up to developers.

i have been sitting on the fence the last couple of weeks with the iphone. do i, don’t i… i’m still in a waiting mode hoping a 3G, 16GB version will show up early next year. i’m thinking by that time there will be enough time to work out the annoyances and aside from it being a cool ipod and phone it will also be a good mobile tool.

thoughts, let us know.


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