10.4.11 being the last release for tiger…

word on the street is the upcoming 10.4.11 (expected any day now) will be the last release of the 10.4.x (tiger) system. as apple did with 10.3.x, they will protect the system from known security issues, but updates will not be provided.

again, making room for leopard (10.5) and all the bells and whistles. i have been working with it on and off and like it. apple does need to do some things to tighten down the experience (especially from an administrator point of view), but what i have seen so far, if i was not me, i would not be so excited to get it… i have not seen enough with the update to really warrent the usual excitement of a whole new system (and the usualy headache that comes along with this).

more to come in the next 2 weeks (expected ship october 26!).


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