Clever Commute

If you are someone who commutes in/out of NYC, this is a tool for you… Clever Commute it a community-based listserve that notifies people who sign up for specific train or bus lines about delays or issues with the commute.

It was just written up in the NY Times and kind of took the system out of obscurity. I signed up for it a couple of months ago while i was starting my commute from Maplewood NJ on the Gladstone branch.

You sign up for you start/end points and get a confirmation email. Confirm it and you are set to go. Say you are walking to the train and believe you are running a couple of minutes late (speaking from experience) and you get an email stating that the station made an announcement that all trains are running 15 minutes late – no more dripping sweat on the ride into work. Same works for the ride out (sitting at your desk trying to finish an email and a note comes in about a delay) – take a couple of minutes and slow down. Cool Huh!

Again, commute in/out of NYC, check it out…


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