October, 10.4.11 (soon) and 10.5 (end of the month?)

So the first day of october… where did the year go (again). anyway, wanted to cover some items as we enter into the fall.

Another release for 10.4 is coming down the line (10.4.11) expected in the next week or two. As usual, the update is expected to address security and bug issues – not really new features – still highly recommended for all 10.4 users.

Leopard (10.5) is just a few weeks away and i can tell you from using a beta, it looks good and as if they have a couple of items to tick off, but almost ready to go!

The more I play with it – i have to be honest, i’m not “jazzed” that this OS is going to make my life that different… i find some things really funny. they still have the same icons for users as they have for the last 5 years. desktops options are largely the same…

what you see when you fire up the machine – not too much different. underpinning – the system seems to run a bit better with the intel machines (i have not used it on a PPC – G4/G5) but the systems are getting to the point that it is going to take a lot to just do the everyday (e.g. vista).

more to come as leopard appears in the next few weeks. i’ll keep my ears to the ground and share if you have heard anything.

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