iPhone 1.1.1

Apple has release a 150+MB download (read more at TUAW) and update for the iPhone. When connecting the iPhone to the computer it will notify that an update is available and allow you to download and install. That being said, if you are one of the adventurous ones that made any changes to the phone (Unlocking to use with someone other than ATT or adding 3rd party applications), BE CAREFUL!

The update changes some icons, gives users access to the WiFi iTunes store and some fixes to the system (along with other things).

I have to say, while waiting at the AT&T Store for the Curve I was getting I spend some time with the iPhone. It is NICE. The price drip, the contract and the way it works – I have to say – I’m tempted. That being said, when I think about replacing my Blackberry with the iPhone there would be some things I would really miss…

Syncing with a corporate environment is KEY and the iPhone still cannot do this… I could get my emails and respond, but not securely and no memos, contact and task lists… I’ll have to wait…

Adventures with the iPhone 1.1.1 update, let us know…


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