Apple iTouch iPod issues

apple has confirmed that there are some issues with some of the early iTouch iPods. Screen quality and even some people are seeing their iTouch have a bit of an identity crisis and believe it is an iPhone without the phone…

more to come with this, but apple is sending them out the door and worrying about the issues later.

on a side note the nano (3rd gen) for the size and shape is AWESOME! i’ve been watching the NBC Nightly News Podcast (the following morning) on the Nano and I have been very happy with it. For all of NBCs (recent) faults, they do an amazing job with the podcast. they must be taking the HD feed and working it down to iPod size.

i watched the CBS Evening News podcast too but found the video quality to be lacking and actually saw a number of times the system appear to “glitch” during playback, but only with CBS’ video… Any reports or comments?


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