Apple’s OTHER opportunity

The NYTimes has an interesting article about the window Apple has to really grab the windows users that are afraid of or have had bad issues with Vista, and that is coming to an end (with the release of Leopard and a soon to be updated “service pack” for vista).

Apple’s market share has not exploded but has made progress. Another sign of things is the following CNET article about 1/5 of the boxed, shrink-wrapped versions of Office being for the Mac. On very interesting point is that the Mac OS Office version is 2004 (soon to be updated to 2008 in the early part of next year). It currently is NOT native to the new Macs (which is one of the HUGE overhauls for 2008) but considering there is a 2003 and 2007 version for the Mac I’m a bit happily surprised by the above numbers.

Microsoft does seem to be working very hard to regain their footing with the students (especially since they seem to know many students do not want to pay $200+ for office). Microsoft is running “The Ultimate Steal” promo for higher-education to get office 2007 for $60! that is a great deal…


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