Nano (day 1)

After using the new Nano on the train home and into the office I have a few things to say…


The screen is bright, the video is crisp and smooth and the sound it great! The interface takes some getting used to, but with the size of the screen and again the detail it produces, the menu system is easy to grasp and work through.

I watched an episode of Psyc that I grabbed from Tivo to Go (using Popcorn 3) the other day. After conversion to iPod format the hour long show was about 350mb (meaning on the 4gb version of the iPod I can tote around 10+ hours of video in this format on the Nano). The quality was good for the screen and totally viewable (I actually would say it was better than the old iPod video screen).

This morning I downloaded last nights NBC Nightly News (via Video Podcast) and watched that. AWESOME! I’m assuming that NBC takes the HD feed and converts it to iPod format for a smooth (120mb) file that is bright and crisp.

If you are looking for something to carry with you on the train or bus, costs a very reasonable sub-$200 and is as simple as all the iPods, look no further – the New Nano is IT!


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