Popcorn 3

about a week ago i took some time to download and use Popcorn 3 from Roxio. I have been using version 2 and was happy with the product, but the encoding time was average…

i have been using the Tivo to go feature within Popcorn 3 to download and process files from Tivo format to m4v and iTunes. what i have been seeing is the transfer is normal (that cannot be increased unless i get a new wireless card for the Tivo) so via 802.11b wireless a 1 hour show takes about 50 minutes to copy to the MacBook.

now is where i am seeing some great improvements! once Popcorn grabs the downloaded video and begins converting to m4v it takes about 20 minutes for a 1 hour show (and a serious reduction in file size). Popcorn took a 1.1gb file down to less than 400mb…

the system kicks in to turbo.264 and you can watch the system churn out the frames… nice work Roxio. the system will work with hardware encoding systems like the turbo.264 from elgato.

using Popcorn and have any tips or tricks, let us know…

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