today’s the day!

well at 1pm EST apple will make their latest product announcement which is causing a lot of stir in the blogging (and financial communities – apple stock was up over $5 end of trading on sept 4th).

there have been reports that the iPhone out sold ALL other cell phones in july (the first full month of availability) and come this afternoon – the bet is a new iPod will grace the product shelves of apple stores as well as target and best buy…

school is starting and the holiday season is right around the corner. it looks like the apple will have a couple of iPods (nano flavor and full size iPod) in time for thanksgiving. i would expect there to be the crazy rush when the product comes out (i may be one of the people trying to get my hand on one asap) and then apple will work it’s magic to get quantities up in prep for the next three months of non-stop buying…

gentlemen (and ladies) – are you ready!


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