i started a new job (the first with a corporate card in quite a while). anyway – one of the first things i checked on was did i have membership rewards… i could get them – but at this point all points go to my boss, not a bad deal, just did not want to ask that question a few weeks into the job. so i looked for other ways to qualify my purchases with some reward system.

i have been using mypoints for a while now. after a couple of months of clicking emails i get enough points for a $10 starbucks card. “free” money, not bad… the cool part is coming… i did some looking and found that dell small business, apple, overstocked etc. all do 2+ points per dollar spent. now, i order PCs for the organization ($1200-3000 at a pop), not too shabby.

so where am i today. in just a couple of days i have doubled the points in my account and i have done some looking. interestingly enough, some stores give you a $50 gift card for 6250 points, others require 7000-7500… so if i can get what i want from a store for the 1000 less points – good for me 🙂

if you are someone who does a lot of online shopping or works in an organization where you may be a channel for online orders (even if you are not using your own credit card), check mypoints out. granted the emails can be annoying – but i have been trying to buy “toys” for myself for a bit now and cannot justify spending even $150 dollars, this could be the way to get it done and not feel too bad about it…

by the way, the other thing i really like about this is that you are not tied into the flavor of the month that amex or other may be offering… see for yourself…


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