further apple rumors

so the mill continues to churn with the announcement that apple will be holding court on the 5th of sept. the stock is up, people are excited, the web is a-buzz… the latest i have heard (aside from the apple iPhone without the phone) is that the new iPod would be wireless (wifi) and there MAY be a wireless iTunes store (designed for the new iPods/iPhones).

exciting thought. i continue to think about getting something that i could use to carry my music, podcasts, tv shows and other media with me – but have yet to really believe that the current iPods can do this well… a iPhone configured iPod would be IT! larger screen (watch the widescreen format without squinting and not using 1/4 of the usable square iPod screen and touch screen with OS X? Gads…

the commute for me is not bad, but on average 45 minutes sitting or waiting to sit is enough to say how can this process be better…

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