i keep coming across web pages that i find not only interesting, but really useful! the latest is so i have been working on re-establishing my consulting and thinking about buying software and some hardware for the business – but you always want to keep those receipts on hand (especially for tax purposes). enter shoebox…

for example you buy a piece of software and the system asks where you would like to send the receipt. generally what i do it get it into my inbox and then file it into another “purchases” folder. sorting though that later can be annoying so why not another way.

shoebox gives you an email address that you would put into the system. following a purchase you can have the receipt sent to shoebox and then put the receipt into a personal, business, other category and the system knows where the receipt is from (amazon, etc) and a total amount spent. easy! you can also upload printed receipts via a scanned image file or forward a receipt you may have received from another purchase into the system.

log it and “box” it and you are ready to go. take a look!

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