reworking 1110consulting site

i have been working the last week or so to re-invent the 1110consulting site (in honor of the return to NYC). i have been trying to use rapidweaver again and bring the site a bit more customization, but have been having quite a number of issues. i also have been thinking about trying to get some of the aspects of the site working (period).

i would like to incorporate the option to pay a bill via the web site and paypal or googlecheckout. seems possible, but not exactly easy. lastly i have been working with iWeb to see if that can bring about a new design and a new interface that may attract some new people to the site… that being said, i have found that iweb is severely lacking (to even do things like sub-pages).

my wife has built a site with iWeb (version 1) and i have wondered how she got some of the bells and whistles working since many people have not had a lot of success or just rebuilt the site from the ground up (using iWeb as more of a page layout tool). thoughts, experiences, next steps – let me know.


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