comcast order chat (HORRIBLE)

so we are working on setting up our internet/cable tv and home phone for the new place in NJ. i walked through about 8 pages of online forms to sign up for the service and confirm it was where i would be living. all good! so you get the bottom line (kind of) and they dump you into a chat queue – to complete the order.

why? i get someone who asks my name like it is a support chat and then “disappears”. no “i’m filling out some paperwork for your order” or “this will take about 10 minutes”, just dead air.

i finally ask if he is there and what he needs from me (analyst david). working on some paperwork – one moment. so either he was typing with his toes, the database was VERY slow or he was watching so you think you can dance and could not concentrate.

after close to 30 minutes (in which i entered about 40 words – some of which i checked in previous forms – e.g. do you want a new number or transfer another number) i received a order number, 3-hour install window, tentative phone number and total due at install (almost $100 over the “promo price”).

now will have to see how this all works. hopefully comcast will make the use of the service less painful than the actual setup…


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