Archive | August 10, 2007

iLife ‘08

i picked up a copy of iLife ’08 the other day and installed it that night on a intel macbook. i started by installing and running the update on iPhoto. the application runs well and i have looked and dug through the system a bit. what i really wanted to try was the web gallery.

the upload to .Mac was quick and clean and the web galley is really cool. i have a tough time using something like .Mac when Flickr and Picasa are free, but making some advances like the web gallery make it an interesting option.

i launched iMovie and the interface is new and different though i did not actually put it to use… iDVD has some nice new themes and looks like a substantial upgrade.

iWeb and GarageBand are nice improvements though as i tried to use iWeb to rework my site for my return to NJ, i had a tough time… will try again and report back.

if you are a regular user of iLife and not planning on a mac upgrade in the next 6 months, invest the $80 and get the new version!